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Nissan introduces Nismo versions of the March and 370 Z

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the Nismo versions of the Nissan 370 Z and the Nissan March. These vehicles follows the release of the Nissan Juke Nismo and joins it as the second and third models in Nismo’s revitalized stable of high-performance sports vehicles.

Both the 370 Z Nismo and the March Nismo features exclusive styling and performance upgrades that adds both form and function such as bodykits, suspension and powertrain to create a well-balanced vehicle for the road and track.


The 370 Z Nismo builds on the production version of the 370 Z’s high level driving performance and was enhanced by increasing engine output, driving dynamics was also improved with a custom-tuned suspension system, brakes, tires, and improved body rigidity. Aerodynamic qualities are also improved by adding new exterior Nismo aero body parts.

The full list of additional equipment and upgrades on the 370 Z Nismo are:

Aerodynamic design and custom exterior with red accents

  • Special front bumper
  • Special door mirrors
  • Special side sill protectors
  • Special rear bumper and rear fog lamps
  • Special rear spoiler
  • Special fender molding (front and rear)
  • Nismo badges (front and rear)
  • Four available exterior colors: Brilliant White Pearl, Brilliant Silver, Diamond Black and Vibrant Red

Custom interior that makes the driver feel like part of the vehicle

  • Special combination seats made with genuine leather and suede-like fabric (with ‘nismo’ logo and red stitching)
  • Alcantara®-covered steering wheel with three spokes (featuring a red center mark and red stitching)
  • Special genuine leather shift knob (smooth leather)
  • Special console boot (with red stitching)
  • Special door trim (with red stitching)
  • Special serial number plate
  • Special instrument cluster (with ‘nismo’ logo, red tachometer dial and 280-km/h speedometer)
  • Special instrument upper box (with red stitching)
  • Special knee cushion pads for the driver and passenger (with red stitching)

Specially-tuned powertrain with increased power output

  • Special full dual exhaust system with equal-length exhaust manifolds / special tuning computer (ECM) <Maximum power output: 261kW (355PS)>
  • Special engine cover
  • Manual transmission with synchronized rev control (only on 6-speed manual transmission model)

Sporty customized chassis that enhances the fun of driving

  • Customized suspension system (springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bars)
  • Special highly-rigid compression rod bushings
  • Rays special forged aluminum-alloy wheels (with ‘nismo’ logo, dark metallic coating)
  • Special Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires (front: 245/40R19, rear: 285/35R19)
  • Special high-rigid brake hose
  • High-performance brake fluid
  • Four-wheel aluminum-caliper opposed-piston brakes
  • Special vehicle speed-sensing power steering system

Increased body rigidity

  • Special strut tower bar (with ‘nismo’ logo)
  • Special front member brace
  • Special under-luggage brace
  • Special rear under-floor V-bar
  • Special Yamaha performance dampers (front and rear)


The Nissan March Nismo meanwhile offers body styling that appeals to a wider range of motorsports enthusiasts. Its refined exterior enables the March Nismo to achieve zero lift that results to better road-holding ability and a more stable drive. The March Nismo will be offered in two trim levels, the March Nismo and the March Nismo S with the March Nismo offering the same fuel economy as the stock Nissan March (1.2-liter gasoline engine) while the March Nismo S offers a higher power output (1.5-liter gasoline engine) and sportier handling charachteristics.

The full list of additional equipment and upgrades on the March Nismo are:

Motorsports-inspired aerodynamic design and custom exterior with the red accents

  • Special front bumper with the edge of the center part of the front spoiler raised to catch the wind and generate downforce
  • Special roof spoiler with optimized length and angle (with High Mount Stop Lamp) and special rear bumper with an optimized shape that reduces air resistance
  • Special front grille
  • Nismo badges (front and rear)
  • Special fender molding (front and rear)
  • Special side sill protectors
  • Signature red door mirrors (linked to the door locks)
  • Black-out door sash
  • LED hyper daytime running lights (position lamp-linked)
  • Rear fog lamps
  • Privacy glass
  • Three available exterior colors: Brilliant White Pearl, Brilliant Silver and Pure Black


  • Alcantara®-covered steering wheel with red center mark with which the center position can be recognized at first sight. (with red stitching)
  • Nismo badge (center cluster)

Chassis, tires and customized suspension

  • Carefully-tuned special suspension (spring and shock absorber)
  • 16-inch aluminum wheels
  • Special Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires (205/45R16)
  • Special vehicle speed-sensing electric power steering with optimized assist


  • Ozone-safe full-auto air conditioner
  • Auto light system
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

Nismo customized equipment (in addition to common equipment above)

  • Special exhaust finisher
  • Nismo S badges (front and rear)

Custom interior that makes the driver feel like part of the vehicle

  • Special sport bucket seat with non-slip suede-like cloth, providing comfort and securing the driver (with ‘nismo’ logo and the red stitching)
  • Special instrument cluster (with 220-km/h) including tachometer with red dial and a ‘nismo’ logo
  • Special shift knob and shift boot (with red stitching)
  • Special Piano-black-colored finisher (shift knob, air-conditioner intake, front power window switch bases)
  • Special aluminum accelerator, brake and clutch pedals
  • Special aluminum footrest (with ‘nismo’ logo)

Powertrain and customized suspension

  • A 1.5-liter gasoline engine with displacement increased from the base Nissan March engine (HR15DE), specially tuned by Nismo S. With an extra 27 kW (37 PS) of power and 50 Nm (5.1 kgf/m) of torque, the engine produces 85 kW (116 PS) and 156 Nm (15.9 kfg/m).
  • 5-speed manual transmission that can freely manage engine power
  • Special tuning computer (ECM)
  • Special exhaust system
  • Customized suspension (stabilizer)
  • Special brake system
  • Quick steering gear ratio

Strengthened body rigidity

  • Special front suspension member stay
  • Special tunnel stay
  • Special rear suspension stay
  • Special tail crossbar

The Nissan 370 Z Nismo is now available for sale in Japan while the Nissan March Nismo is set to go on sale in December.

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