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Life As A Car Guy, SEMA 2013 Part 4: Top 10 Import Tuner Cars, aka JDM/KDM Love

We call them JDM, but in the United States, they call them imports. The term can mean any car make that isn’t American, but when you say the term “import” to a gearhead (the American term for “petrolhead”), they usually think Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru or Mazda. The Japanese makes still dominate the import scene, […]

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Tuned cars at the 2010 Manila Auto Salon

The fourth Manila Auto Salon featured more than 100 cars and trucks on the show halls of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex. Here’s some of the cars which we thought that got the concept of the show. And of course, made it to our theme “Rides Modified the Way They […]

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Martinez drifts the Motul-Autoplus S13

Cyrus Martinez – D1GP US Driver

From just helping out in his father’s garage at fourteen to buying his first AE86, Cyrus Martinez is now a proud holder of a D1 Grand Prix US license. He is the first Filipino driver to achieve this feat and is also the first Filipino driver to actively compete in professional drifting. (more…)

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Not All Oils Are Equal

Engine oils were made to clean, and lubricate engines. Advanced synthesizing and refining of lubricants have actually helped engines perform more efficiently while producing more power with less wear. (more…)

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MOTUL GT-R tours Manila

The year was 1999, with the introduction of the all new R34 Nissan Skyline GTR road car, Nissan’s motorsports division Nismo, decides to use the all new chassis in the most popular and competitive racing series in Japan, the JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship). (more…)

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