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Suby Brotherhood

One thing I notice about the Suby crowd is that they share a kind of camaraderie that I have never ever seen in any other “car group.”

I first noticed this when I was a kid and I would ride around with my cousin on his Impreza. I notice how he honks at Subarus on the road and they’d honk back. Just imagine two complete strangers, but just because you share the same interest in a certain car, it’s like you guys go way back.

I then got myself an Impreza a few years after that and I did enjoy being accepted by that group even if I just had a 2.0 N/A one. Guys with STi’s would still honk at me. A Subaru’s a Subaru and they knew that. We knew that.

When I had my Evo, I didn’t feel that same camaraderie in the Evo community. I’d honk at people and they wouldn’t give a sh*t. Some would even tail or overtake me in competition and I’m all “WTF???”. I’d call those guys “cannibals.”

Recently, I got my GT86. One time as I was going home from work, an STi pulled up next to me just to give me a thumbs up. I was reminded of how my 86 is technically a Subaru and I’m once again somehow part of the most warm and welcoming group of car guys once again.

– Steve Rojas