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Steve Rojas: Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Steve Rojas, and I’m truly honored and excited to be writing for

I have an unyielding passion for cars and the automotive world that all I do is write and take pictures of anything related to the topic. I asked Brent if he could let me write for Tuned after he saw my senior thesis for college. I’m really grateful to him for giving me the opportunity because here I am now writing my first and introductory post on’s Tuned section.

I also race for Rota in the Philippine Autocross Championship Series and at Circuit Showdown, although I’m new to the racing scene since I’ve only been racing for about 2 years.

I race a Toyota Vitz at the Philippine Autocross Championship series. It’s not a powerful car, but it does handle well, which is perfect for autocross.

For Circuit Showdown, I race a LanEvo 4 which we all know is a very reputable and capable automobile for circuit racing.

However, for this 2012 season, I’ll be using a Flame Red ed. Mini for some of my races in the Philippine Autocross Championship Series. This Mini has been cooped up (no pun intended) in our cold and dark warehouse for about 3 or 4 years. Poor thing. But me and my dad decided to revive her, and she’ll be making her debut on the first round of the P.A.C.S. which will take place in Alabang this Sunday.

Well, that’s me and my machines. I hope I’d be able to supply the readers of Tuned some interesting views and insights with my future content. I’ll mostly be writing about the events and races that I participate in so that readers can be aware of what they missed just in case they weren’t able to attend.

Well that’s all for now until my next post! 🙂

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