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Runstop Slotted Rotors for Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

If you want to go fast, make sure you can stop first. If you don’t it could mean a serious accident waiting to happen. That is why the braking system should also be upgraded when installing performance modifications to your car.

An upgrade of the braking system can be done by installing higher friction brake pads, changing your brake rotors or discs to high performance drilled or slotted discs, changing your standard rubber brake lines to steel braided lines and changing your brake fluid to one that has a higher boiling point. Ultimately, a full system upgrade might include replacing calipers with bigger ones which have more pistons and carbon-ceramic material rotors.

A simple brake rotor upgrade brings the most significant improvement to the brakes as it reduces several problems. These include brake fade, gassing, and brake pad glazing. But a high-performance brake rotor upgrade is usually costly.

More recently, Richtech Enterprises has made high-performance brake upgrades more cost effective with their Runstop High Performance Rotors. Runstop uses 3D Computer Aided Design and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to manufacture their rotors to ensure precision and balance of their products. Runstop rotors are also treated with a corrosion resistant coating which minimizes rusting of the rotors.

Brake fade is a reduction of stopping power caused by the continuous application of the brakes in high performance, high speed and extreme driving conditions. The fade is caused by the buildup of heat between the rotor and pads and other brake components as well.

Glazing and gassing are a major impediment for brake pads because they lessen the friction between pad and rotor which mean less stopping power. These conditions are also caused by intense buildup of heat.

Runstop’s cross-drilled and/or slotted rotors helps minimize these problems by:

* The bore holes deduce mass, radiate break temperatures, and help battle “out-gassing” or “de-gassing”.
* The special slots, which are non-directional and designed to work in combination with the cross-drilling, help dissipate water, dirt and dust, and further combat “out-gassing” or “de-gassing”.
* The slot deglazes the pads, ensuring improved contact between pad and rotor. In combination, the cross-drilling and slotting functions give more stopping power and less fade during repeated heavy brake application.
* The Cross-drilled or Slotted rotors improved convection heat transfer, thereby lowering brake temperature
* 40% better cooling, 20% better stopping, and improved web braking compared to standard OEM rotors
* Run Stop Rotors are engineered to keep the temperature of your brakes cool, which improves pad bite and reduces brake fade. This will enhance brake performance.

Runstop with OEM Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R rotor

On some high-performance applications Runstop is also cost-effective upgrade and replacement of the OEM rotors. For the featured application, the Runstop slotted rotors is installed in the Team Nissan Cefiro fitted with R32 GT-R brakes. A significant improvement in brake performance was noticed with the rotor working to remove the glazing of the pads accumulated in the high performance driving conditions the car has been subjected to.

Although there are no special installation procedures needed for the rotors, professional installation is recommended.

To know more about Runstop products contact Richtech Enterprises at Tel. 7478560 to 61 or Fax. 5326862. You can also email them at or visit their website at

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