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SEMA 2014 Preview: Revorix Chevrolet Corvette to make world debut

Revorix Chevrolet Corvette

Revorix has revealed its customized Chevrolet Corvette ahead of its world debut at the 2014 Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas next month.

The Revorix Corvette came from the ideas and professional racing experience of Takuma Koga, founder and CEO of IROC Co., Ltd. The vehicle is created to “maximize performance to an already high performance vehicle.”

Revorix Chevrolet Corvette

However, Revorix has not yet released the full details of the vehicle. From what we know, Revorix has concentrated on three design aspects which are aerodynamics, rigidity and weight. With this, the company says the Revorix Corvette can be pushed to the “ultimate limit.”

Revorix says the vehicle will be available in the United States and Japan through Defenderworx and GM respectively.

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