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Real Deal Spiel: Red Hot S2000


The aftermarket world these days gets bigger and bigger by the day. With many builders introducing parts for various cars left and right, we are given the liberty to choose from many options when deciding what parts to add to our cars. This is so much a gift as it is a curse, as our options can be based on various factors that limit us. At some point, the quality of parts have to give way to things like cost, shipping, taxes, and other odd logistics to the average joe looking to buy. These limitations then spawn the thriving market of knockoff parts and imitations that, while they look the same, may not offer the same quality or fitment as the original.


You’ve surely heard this longstanding debate before; buying and sourcing real deal genuine parts that cost an arm and a leg vs. having an exact replica made for a fraction of the cost. This is definitely an issue that will see no end so long as people have anything to say. Here at TUNED however, we promote the proper way to build a car with the right parts and proper taste.


Such is the case with the Honda S2000 that graces our pages today. Bearing prominence is its full J’s Racing Street Version widebody that replaces the straight, slender shape the S2000 left the factory with.


Extending 35mm up front and 40mm at the rear, the wide fenders allow the equally broad Volk Rays Engineering CE28Ns to sit flush underneath without any rubber poking out.

With so many different parts and many surfaces to contour to, the J’s Racing kit has a surprisingly neat fit that makes all panels button down to the car nicely. Notice how the bolted-on bits have nothing sticking out, appearing as if they’ve been added as one solid piece to the original shape of the S2000. This is the kind of quality that top dollar can get, as often replica kits would find us having mis-aligned bits and bobs that make the kit look off at one angle or another.


Suffice to say, this roadster doesn’t have a bad angle at all. The aggressive profile of this car carries front to rear thanks to the widebody as well as a couple more well-suited pieces.


This J’s Racing 3D GT Wing and the carbon fiber trunk it’s attached to finishes the rear with a much needed contrast of carbon weave to all the body-colored pieces.


The full Titanium Exhaust gives off the rawest of notes that can only be distinct to that of the light and exotic material.


Seeing as the S2000 came with a soft top roof, and Manila has neither breezy weather nor open roads to enjoy the top down with, a permanent hardtop fixture ought to be placed. This Mugen Hardtop ensures that the interior and its occupants is kept shaded while giving the S2000 a coupe-like profile.*

*The S2000, while originally built as a roadster, lends itself pretty well to cool hardtops from the aftermarket. While this car has a Mugen hardtop, you will find that the Spoon hardtop of the S2000 makes it look like a coupe even more so! (Much similar to the shape of the BMW Z4M Coupe)


You know you’ve done it right and proper when the man behind the parts makes his mark on your car. One glance at the interior and the signature of the current president of J’s Racing, Hisaaki Murakami, can instantly be distinguished on the minimalist dashboard.


Granted that the added girth and track would overwhelm the modest 240hp of the stock F20C motor, plenty of work has gone under the hood to augment the power to meet the newfound grip.

That huge intercooler snugly fitted behind the gaping front bumper is a dead giveaway that forced induction is in play. An HKS GT Supercharger Kit finds its home in the spacious engine bay, while the motor gets its fair share of headwork courtesy of TODA.


All the work that’s gone into this S2000 inside and out makes for a solid well-rounded build. While certainly these items can’t exactly be sourced on a tight budget, it goes to show that saving up for the right pieces can make the whole picture all that greater.


And as we were about to clean up with this feature, suddenly another equally striking machine appeared out of nowhere! Looks like we have our work cut out for us, stay TUNED!

Honda S2000 Gallery


Engine and driveline

HKS GT Supercharger Kit (Centrifugal Charger, Intercooler, Injectors, Fuel Pump)

Mishimoto Radiator

J’s Racing 70mm Full Titanium Exhaust

TODA head

TODA pulley

TODA timing chain

Hks fcon vpro cpu box

Hks injectors

Hks air filter

Hks oil filter

Mishimoto radiator

Tonka headers

Os giken twin plate clutch

J’s racing oil cap

J’s racing radiator hoses

J’s racing radiator cap

J’s racing radiator shroud

Skunk2 battery stay

Stinger battery

Oil cooler

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

Ap Racing brake calipers

BC Racing Coilovers

Volk Rays Engineering CE28N 18×9.5 F 18×10.5R

Nitto NT555 (F) Toyo R888 (R)

Volk Rays formula nuts



 Bride cuga seats

Bride rails

J’s racing steering wheel

Works bell quick release

J’s racing shift knob

Pioneer p99rs stereo

Dls speakers

Carbon fiber door panels


 J’s racing type S front bumper

J’s racing carbon fiber bumper spliter

J’s racing carbon fiber canards

J’s racing gt wide fender

J’s racing carbon fiber fender vent

J’s racing carbon fiber hood

J’s racing carbon fiber side step

J’s racing wide rear fenders

J’s racing carbon fiber trunk

J’s racing 3D GT wing

J’s racing rear bumper

J’s racing stereo antenna

Mugen hardtop

Craft square GT side mirrors

Photos by Jet Rabe

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