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Rare is not enough: Pumped Lotus Exige


With the growing, but still rather limited, selection of cars currently available on local shores, we are often left to wonder how cars would be built on the other side of the world. Sure we would be treated to seeing clean examples of Japanese imports, American muscle, or German engineering on our streets now and then, but what about other types of cars from other countries? Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, we get to see cars that the other side of the world can get their hands on; not to mention, what they do with them as well


The need to stand out for many individuals can take them so far as to get something unique; say, a car that isn’t available locally for example. That said, there are ways to bring those aforementioned vehicles into our shores; albeit in a rather expensive manner. And in the case of this particular Lotus Exige, giving it a touch of the aftermarket further ensures that exclusivity.


Anyone familiar with the Lotus marque knows that their vehicles are built as thoroughbreds meant for the track. With light weight and agility as its weapon of choice, certainly the Exige can make use of further improvements to its form with choice aero parts to augment its handling with better aerodynamics.


Given that notion, pieces like the canards, the front splitter, and the wider fender arches have been picked off the Reverie catalog to give the lime green featherweight more track and flair.


The interior can be a little claustrophobic and would be a rather tight squeeze getting into and out from. Many who are familiar with the Exige or Elise would say that the act of boarding the car would mostly be ‘falling into’ your seat instead of actually seating on it. Considering the already-spartan vibe, hardly anything needs to be touched in this vehicle’s cabin if you are to maintain its streetability.


Tipping the scales at roughly under 1,000kgs, the Exige doesn’t have that much weight to toss around. That said, the 1.8L Toyota 2ZZ-GE fitted to it makes for a perfect balance of power that shouldn’t get the driver into too much trouble, not to mention parts availability and maintenance for the motor shouldn’t be too much trouble either!


In the quest for uniqueness and one-offs, we would often find ourselves surprised to see what kinds of cars pops up on our roads now and then. With its outstanding shade of lime and girthy hips, this Exige will certainly have its fair share of snapped necks whenever it hits our streets.

Lotus Exige Gallery

Engine and Driveline

Weapon R Full Exhaust
Weapon R Intake System


Reverie Widebody Kit
Reverie Side Scoop
Reverie Engine Cover


JL Audio 300/4
JL Audio 6w0
JL Audio XR Separates

Photos by Jet Rabe

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