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Not All Oils Are Equal


Engine oils were made to clean, and lubricate engines. Advanced synthesizing and refining of lubricants have actually helped engines perform more efficiently while producing more power with less wear. Many engines today have in fact longer service intervals due to the advancement of lubricants, which makes cars use less oil throughout its service life.

It would be interesting to know also that not all oils are made equal. In a recent interview with Dr. Katsuya Arai, oil engineer for MOTUL Japan, we find out all about the company and what makes it different from other companies. Dr. Arai started with a little history of the company, which started more than 150 years ago in the whale oil business, which later evolved to developing some of the most advanced lubricants in the world. The company is based in France with subsidiaries and research facilities based in the US, Japan, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Dr. Arai also related that the company has been in Japan for more than 20 years collaborating with manufacturers and motorsports teams to develop lubricants for Japanese vehicles. He himself has been working together with the Subaru World Rally Team to develop lubricants for each challenging rally course they encounter. MOTUL’s participation in major motorsport events that include the FIA GT, Super GT, World Rally Championship.

MOTUL’s milestones actually include introducing some of the world’s firsts in the market. They were the one’s who introduced the first semi-synthetic lubricant in 1966 called Century 2100, and 100% synthetic lubricant ever designed for cars called Century 300V later in 1971. “Better than others” is the company phrase, which clearly shows in the modern 300V double-ester oil, which is one of the better if not the best oil in the market today.

Better lubricants also mean that your vehicles will run more efficiently, thereby providing a significant power increase and giving better protection at the same time. But of course, having high quality oil does not mean that you do not need to change your oil regularly. Dr. Arai reminds vehicle owners to follow manufacturer recommendations for lubricant replacement intervals to keep their machines in tip-top shape.

Recently introduced in the Philippines through AutoplusSportzentrium, MOTUL has become one of the most popular lubricant brands and is being used by some of the most demanding customers and top racing teams in drag racing, drift, formula 3, and touring cars.

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