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Modest Surprises: A Toyota 86 punching above its weight

bryan 86 front view

We find ourselves in a huge, sprawling aftermarket over the past few years. With variety comes style, and with styles come trends. Often you will find that people build cars that adhere to the latest of these trends; flushed wheel fitment, stretched tires, huge wings, and wide fenders. All of these are welcome changes to the world of tuning and car customization, yet somehow with the overbearing presence of these trends we are often led to believe that this is the only way to build a proper car these days.


Think back to the days when tuning street cars equated to one goal: speed. Give some thought as to what needs improving in a car that would translate to an increase in overall performance. Surely that low stance isn’t too practical on a daily drive, that huge wing won’t give you more grip around a roundabout, and you might not even fit into a tight parking space with those huge overfenders!


Let us not forget that there is still the option to pick choice parts in such a way as to improve a car’s overall performance and functionality. No frills, nothing fancy, much like the 86 that we have here. With a factory white body, Gram Lights alloys, and carbon fiber pieces, its subtlety on the outside could only be so contrasting to what it keeps within its shell.


The clues begin with the blocks tucked behind the Gram Lights 57Getter’s spokes. An Alcon Big Brake kit is a surefire way to get anything with serious power to stop, and then we’re left to wonder… ‘won’t that be overkill for a car that supposedly pushes 200hp?’


But then the hood pops open and we find a snail courtesy of a Greddy Turbo Kit sitting ahead of the motor! Matched with an ECUTEK tune this setup is good for 310whp, a number that’s roughly double from stock. I suppose now those Alcon brakes ought to have some merit to them!


Any proper forced induction setup (or anything driven hard for that matter) should have a plethora of parameters to keep the driver aware of the engine’s condition. Original metering gauges like these items from Defi, while expensive and seemingly unjustifiable, show their worth in keeping you and your tuner aware of what’s going on inside the engine. Parameters like boost, water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure can indicate tell-tale signs of failure or oddities with certain parts. Granted one knows how to read them, these gauges can save you money from costly repairs that could be avoided with prior notice!

bryan 86 top view

With the recent trend of building lower, wider, and aesthetically pleasing setups in full swing, it’s refreshing to find a car built with pure performance in mind. A car built with a proper selection of choice parts aimed at making the car go, stop, and turn better than its normal counterpart. All that punch while keeping a clean and rather sedate look!

Toyota 86 Gallery

Engine and Driveline

Greddy Turbo Kit
1100cc Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pump
Brodeth Front Pipe
Brodeth Up Pipe
Greddy Circuit Spec Exhaust
TRD Oil Filler Cap
Project Mu Oil Filter

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

Rays Gram Lights 57Getter 18×8.5 F / 18×9.5 R
Achilles 123S 235/40/18 / 265/35/18
Tein Street Advance Coilovers
Alcon BBK 365mm Rotors F / 343mm Rotors R
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Hardrace Rear Diff Support Bar


TRD Shift Knob
Defi BF Gauges (Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Pres)


HC Racing Chargespeed Kit
HC Racing Carbon Hood
HC Racing Carbon Trunk

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