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Gatherings Of Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee

A recent trip to the United States allowed me to explore and experience some of the car culture scene in the west coast. Most notable was the “Cars and Coffee” meet every Saturday mornings at the Mazda headquarters in Irvine, California. The informal meet started a few years back when hot rodders would meet for early morning coffee talk at Newport beach. Slowly, the meets would be invaded by European exotics and Japanese supercars.

Residents of Newport complained of the loud noises that the cars would generate every Saturday and the group had to transfer venues. Mazda generously offered their big outdoor parking lot next to their headquarters in Irvine.

Cars and Coffee Experience

One early Saturday, I went to check out what the buzz was all about. I was treated to automobile overload. All sorts of marquees and classes were represented. Cars that I would only read up on old Road & Track magazines as I was growing up. The meet became an informal venue of car launches as well especially for the likes of RUF, McLaren, etc… even the likes of Ken Block have brought their racecars to the venue. Enjoy the photos from that special morning of better yet, check out the meets when you get a chance to go to the United States.

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