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Tuner Gear: February 2009



Looking for more power through bolt ons? The SpeedLab Honda Civic Power Package is complete system guaranteed to give you up to 20% more power over stock. First is the SpeedLab K&N short ram intake system that removes the stock and restrictive airbox, allowing more airflow for the engine. Next is the SpeedLab stainless steel header and midpipe, this replaces the undersized and convoluted stock exhaust piping, allowing exhaust gases a speedier exit freeing up even more power. And finally there’s the Unichip piggyback fuel and ignition timing computer. By adjusting the optimum fuel delivery and when the spark plug fires, the Unichip can optimize your engine’s combustion process giving you more power, better throttle response, faster acceleration as well as improving fuel consumption. Log on to to view the dyno charts.

For Inquiries:
871 Quezon Ave. Quezon City


RECARO Sportster CS

recaro_cs The ultimate sports seat – in hybrid construction – developed for true motor sport fans who do not want to compromise functionality and comfort or those who seek the latest technology packaged in a
sleek and elegant sports seat. RECARO’s latest sports seat, the ‘Sportster CS’ is available with an integrated universal side airbag – safety and sporting flare for a perfect combination of a racing shell and a sport seat.

This luxurious ‘comfort seat’ was aimed squarely at the “frequent driver” target group, offering them the latest technology in road safety. RECARO’s Stuttgart-based engineering team used the synergies and experience gained from “ergonomics” and “motorsport” to maximum effect, developing the world’s most technologically advanced and comfortable sports seat, effectively a reclining racing shell.

For Inquiries:
Excellar Enterprise, Inc.
73 N. Roxas corner Banawe Sts.
Quezon City, MM., 1114, Philippines
(+63 2) 712.5373 to 74 / 712.5379 to 80


Slime Smart Spair™ Tire Repair Kit
As hundreds of thousands of motorists hit the roads, flat tires should be the furthest thing from their minds—and can be made possible—with Slime’s Smart Spair tire repair kit. This handy tire repair kit comes with a powerful 300 PSI air compressor, a 16-ounce bottle of Slime Super Duty Sealant and a complete air valve tool kit, the Smart Spair tire repair kit is a must-have for road trips.

The Smart Spair tire repair kit fixes at least 85-percent of all flat tires. The compact kit replaces the spare tire, jacks and tools that help lower the overall weight of the vehicle and free up valuable trunk space.

The portable, 12-volt air compressor boasts 300 PSI of power and plugs directly into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, significantly reducing the time it takes to fix or change a flat tire. In this simple process, there is no need to remove the tire or jack up the car. Slime sealant is inserted into the tire through the tire valve stem, and the compressor is used to inflate the tire while the driver waits safely inside the car. Within minutes the puncture is sealed, the tire is completely inflated and the car is ready to hit the road again. The estimated time the motorist will spend fixing the tire is less than ten minutes. Smart Spair tire repair kit is available at all Blade outlets and Hans Tools.

For Inquiries:
Hart International, Co.
322 Santolan Road, Brgy Little Baguio
San Juan
Telefax: 632-744-5875


BORLA Boomer Mufflers

borla_boomer BORLA Boomers are full-blown, high-tech, dyno and race-proven mufflers for the street or track. These eye-popping, fully polished mufflers utilize BORLA’s patented race-winning technology. They boost horsepower levels from 7% – 10% while adding that distinct head-turning sound. Available in a variety of sizes and universal-fit styles, BORLA Boomers are made of aircraft-quality high quality stainless steel and include a Million Mile Warranty.

For Inquiries:
20 G.Araneta Ave.
Quezon City


HKS SSQV Blow-Off Valve Version-2

Highly distinguishable through its newly designed casing, this is the latest Blow-Off Valve from HKS. Unlike other conventional push type blow-off valves, the HKS Version-2 SSQV is a dual stage pull-type relief valve. This guarantees that it will not leak under any boost level because the boost pressure in the chamber keeps the valve closed against its seat. The SSQV releases excess boost when there is a pressure alteration in the chambers, and not by the rate of boost pressure or vacuum in the line. This ensures a quick valve response and complete closure during idle. For maximum performance, the HKS SSQV incorporates both a small primary valve for ultra quick activation, and a larger secondary valve for additional discharge capacity. The Version-2 features a unique finned design and is constructed from billet aluminum to ensure long-term durability and a high luster look. The triple-fin discharge port design produces a powerful, unique and aggressive blow-off sound. The HKS SSQV is available as a universal kit or vehicle specific kits.

For Inquiries:
Emperor Motorsports
#128 Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas St.
Pasig City


SpeedLab Honda Civic R18 Turbo Kit

speedlab_hondar18turbo The kit consists of the following:
– GT28 turbocharger
– Cast iron turbo manifold & outlet
– Stainless steel pipings
– Silicon hose couplers
– K&N high flow filter
– Front mount intercooler
– HKS or Greddy BOV
– Oil supply & return lines
– 590cc Injector
– Unichip piggyback engine management
– Labor and installation
– Dyno tuning

SpeedLab introduces their first complete 100% bolt on kit for the new Honda Civic 1.8L R18 engines equipped with either an automatic or manual transmission. The kit contains everything and installs in a about 10 days. Dyno proven to deliver an increase of 70hp-90hp.

For Inquiries:
871 Quezon Ave. Quezon City


SpeedLab Mazda 3/Ford Focus Header

speedlab_mazda3header Long runner design is designed to extract maximum horsepower from you Mazda 3 or Focus. Full TIG welded stainless steel construction will not rust. Our headers delete the catalytic converter and feature provisions for both primary and secondary O2 sensors. 100% bolt on installation with no cutting or welding. Dyno proven to give 10-15hp gains. SpeedLab headers will fit all Mazda 3 models (1.6L and 2.0L) as well as all Ford Focus models (1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L)

For Inquiries:
871 Quezon Ave. Quezon City


From the same company who brought the ultimate cleaning cloths, Microtex now unveils their latest product which is their Ultimate Duster. With specially processed cotton mop strands coated with paraffin wax to maintain the vehicle’s luster and shine, the Ultimate Duster from Microtex is designed to offer excellent dusting capabilities and guaranteed not to scratch even the most delicate paint jobs. The Ultimate Duster is also maintenance free as it does not need cleaning or washing to maintain its efficiency.

For Inquiries:
Halden Galway Intl. Corp.
483 Barcelona St.
San Nicolas, Manila



Maintain your vehicle’s paint job with DuPont’s premium Carnauba Wax to produce an extra long lasting glossy appearance while removing and protecting the paint surface against harmful road grime, bugs, grease, and dirt. Periodic use will also help fill in minor swirls and scratches from your paint to further beautify your vehicle. DuPont’s Carnauba Wax is easy to apply and contains no abrasive materials. Regular waxing is also recommended during the rainy season to prevent the buildup of harmful contaminants.

For Inquiries:
Highland Trading
124 Unit-4 Pelbell II Bldg.
Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
(+632)6355195 to 97

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