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Drift Car Build-up: Form and Function

Show Drifting

Drifting is about showmanship. It’s not just about the turbo under your hood, the exotic suspension setup you have, or the number of horses your engine is pushing out. Looking good is part of show drifting. Wild bodykits, hot rims, shiny paintjobs, and cool graphics play a big role in the drifting world. Make them work together with a top-performing car and you’re on your way to the top.

Bodykits installation and paint preparation

To give the boring executive car some serious attitude, we went to A-toy Bodykits who hooked up with a set of fiberglass bodykits for our A31 Cefiro project car. The main man Atoy Llave provided us with a custom aero hood, Type-U front and rear bumpers, aero fenders and side skirts.

New paintjob

With the new bodykits, a new paintjob was in order. We chose DuPont, the world’s leader in paint as our refinish partner. The car was brought to Fil-Carrozzeria paint and body shop to give it a new shine as they fixed some slightly rusted parts of the nearly two-decade old car. After nearly four weeks of preparation, the car was rolled out of the spray booth with its new shiny silver and blue combination DuPont finish.

New graphics

Graphics come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Since this was going to be the Drift Car, we decided to go with stripes in a very familiar color – blue. It took one whole week to come up with the final design for the car, which was supposed to be edgy at the same time properly represent the website as its rolling ambassador. Many thanks go to Archie Garcia for coming up with the design.

Rainbow Shot Rota D2

Nice bodywork needs to be finished off with a hot set of rims. Our good friends at Rota Wheels provided us first with a set of wide offset Torque-R’s in gloss white finish. Michael Rojas of Rota Wheels then told us about this new wheel finish he was planning to try out. We chose the Rota D2 wheels as the design to be used for the prototype of the RS (short for Rainbow Shot) finish. The RS finish is similar to what a burnt titanium exhaust tip looks like. The result was a very unique finish, which matched up really well with the whole new look of the car. Wheels need to be finished off tires. Kumho liked our project and sponsored us with their KU31 Ultra-High Performance Tires.

For the interior, Momo provided us with the drifting-inspired Atomik lineup of products, which included pedals, shift knob and finished off with the deep-dish drift steering wheel. For the seat harness, Momo also provided their 3-inch racing harness. While your three-point safety belts are good enough for the street, proper four-point or five-point seat restraints are a must in motor sport competition. For seating, we chose Recaro, the world’s leading manufacturer of sports and racing seats. We installed the Pole Position Furious racing shell, the entry-level model, which is FIA certified for motor sport competition. An FIA certified racing shell can spell the difference between life and death in the event of a serious accident in motor sports.

Drift Competition

Although not completely necessary for a regular drift car, these aesthetic modifications however will be necessary if you want to actively compete in the world of drifting.

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