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Bavarian Stew: An E92 BMW M3 in a melting pot

M3 Full Front

We live in a rather fast-paced world these days, a world wherein one could find information about anything a few clicks away. In a way, we can think of the people of the world being drawn somewhat closer to each other by way of media and news through the internet. By being shown how people do things on the other side of the world, it’s easy to pick up on the latest trends and ideas on how to do things differently. That said, our creativity can be further broadened by various influences we can pick up from styles in other countries. One good example of this would be the Alpinweiss BMW M3 you see here, a car that draws inspiration from both the east and the west to create a melting pot of aesthetics.

M3 Front 3_4

It’s rather rare to find an E92 BMW M3 puttering around town, let alone one that is fairly modified. In fact, we had to travel all the way to Cagayan De Oro City in Mindanao just to view this particular car. One look at the various stickers around the car as well as its aero parts would hint at the touring car peg it’s going after. While mild compared to other track-spec M3s, this car sports small canards in front to give a decent edge to the factory bumper lines.

M3 Swan Tail Wing

A curious addition to the M3’s rear end is this swan-mount wing, one which you’ve probably seen installed on the DTM-spec BMW M3 as well as other touring cars from GT3 and Super GT in the recent years. It appears this particular way of mounting the rear wing is a fruit of certain regulations in these touring car championships. As far as we’re concerned though, it presents another unique way of modification. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, this rear wing’s craftsmanship is one to be appreciated. The owner tells us that a local fabricator of carbon fiber items worked on this one-off piece, and had to repeat it five times over just to get the mounts right!

M3 Rear 3_4

Any car trying to properly go for a race-inspired setup must have some semblance of sporting dynamic to it. The suspension, wheels, and brakes ought to be imposing enough to merit proper track use. In the case of this M3, footwork is sorted out with a set of KW Coilovers all around that allows for full adjustability for the track as well as provide enough compliance for street use.

M3 Wheel_brake combo

This E92’s wheel and brake combo takes a different tone from the touring car inspired aero, instead opting for some goodies from the land of the rising sun. It’s no secret that the Japanese are in too deep with the aftermarket, so much so that they even have parts for import cars like BMWs. For this M3 only some of the lightest wheels out in the market will make the grade, and what better than a set of BBS Ri-D’s from BBS Japan to fill all four corners? Weighing in at around 7.5kg per wheel for a 19” setup, these are the lightest wheels on offer by BBS Japan to date. 

M3 Pmu Close up

The thin spokes of the Ri-D allows for a good peek at the gleaming gold caliper tucked beneath. This Project Mu Big Brake Kit (BBK), comprised of 6-pot calipers in front, 3-pot calipers in the rear, and floating slotted rotors on all four corners are in place for some much needed anchorage when the stopper is depressed.

Planting your bottom on BMW leather is already a luxury in itself, but it can’t hurt to make yourself more comfortable and at grips with the wheel right? A pair of Recaro Sportster CS seats as well as an M Sport Steering wheel call this cabin home as they further immerse the occupants in the drive all while maintaining a high standard of comfort and ergonomics.

M3 in shop 2

What we have in this M3 is an example of how worlds could meet. Any style, trend, or aesthetic inputs from any and every walk of life can now be interchanged and thus expand our creativity.  That childhood song tells us it’s a small world after all, I didn’t think they meant it as literal as this.

M3 Donuts

P.S. The owner left us a parting gift before returning the M3 to its garage. Thank you good sir!

The author would like to extend his gratitude to Justin Robles for arranging this feature.

E92 BMW M3

Engine, Intake, and Exhaust

Flash Tune by EPIC Motorsports

Macht Schnell Intake System

Shelby GT500 Mufflers, Custom Exhaust

Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Project Mu Big Brake Kit 6-pot Front, 3-pot Rear

Volk Rays TE37 Tokyo Time Attack (Track Set)

BBS Japan Ri-D

Nitto NT555


Recaro Sportster CS Seats

M Sport Steering Wheel


Custom DTM Wing

Custom Canards

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