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2009 Lateral Drift Championship Round 2

Alex Perez

Clear skies, glaring sun and intense heat was the order of the day for the second round of the 2009 Lateral Drift Championship held at the Greenhills Open Parking Bay 6 in the City of San Juan last May 23. A total of twenty-seven participants came to the track to show-off, compete and simply have fun. The track layout designed by David Feliciano proved exciting for the competitors throughout the day up to the tight tandem battles.

The Destoryer

The Destroyer drives the Cefiro hard

Kevin Tayao

Kevin “Bad News” Tayao drives his AE86 smooth as a golf putt qualifying on top

D1GP driver Cyrus Martinez doing a demo run

D1 Grand Prix US competitor Cyrus Martinez take the Motul-Autoplus Nissan 240SX for a demo run, smoking tires and showing his moves.

RJ Obiedo giving Alex Perez a run for his money

Making his way back to the top of the podium was Team Yellow Cab’s Alex “X” Perez, who won a very narrow victory over Team Forced Speed’s RJ Obiedo who spun out just before the finish line. Rounding up the podium finishers was first leg winner Jason “The Destroyer” Choachuy.

Alex Perez takes the win

Final Result
1. Alex Perez
2. RJ Obiedo
3. Jason Choachuy
4. Chukri Prieto
5. Kevin Tayao
6. John Boban
7. Jeffrey Villanueva
8. Joema Montaner

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